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Residential Property

At Naughton & McGrath Solicitors, we deal with all aspects of the sale, purchase, and mortgage of residential properties. We advise individual clients regarding mortgage and security requirements. We provide a full range of advice on all matters which may arise including planning and stamp duty issues. We will liaise with the auctioneer, lending institution and solicitor for the other side to ensure that the transaction is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Come to us if possible at an early stage so that we can advise you fully. At the outset, we will meet with you and give you a written estimate of the legal fees, taxes and other outlays you may incur in the proposed transaction.

We also advise on landlord and tenant matters to include the preparation of leases of residential property and on the impact of The Residential Tenancies Act 2004.

Commercial Property

We advise on all types of commercial property transactions to include leasing, purchasing or selling a commercial property. We will advise you on the legal and planning issues, with particular attention to those aspects which may impact on the existing or proposed business use of the property. If you are leasing property, whether as tenant or landlord, it is important to take careful legal advice before signing up to the conditions in the lease. We act for many commercial developers to include McInerney Homes.

Both partners in the firm are Associates of the Institute of Taxation of Ireland (A.I.T.I.) and as specialist tax advisers we can provide the tax advice that is required in any commercial property transaction.

Agricultural Property

We have extensive experience in dealing with agricultural property transactions. As qualified tax advisers we can provide specialist advice on claiming agricultural relief from Stamp Duty, Capital Gains Tax and Capital Acquisitions (Gift / Inheritance) Tax where applicable. If appropriate, we liaise with agricultural consultants to ensure that every aspect of the transaction is dealt with in a financially effective manner.